Nail Polish Remover

Nail Polish Remover may not be as exciting as nail lacquer, but it is just as important. In the past, nail polish remover was used only to remove nail polish, but with all the recent advances in manicures, nail polish remover has become more versatile. To properly apply nail appliqué polish strips, for instance, nail polish remover is a vital instrument in eliminating excess oil from the nail so that the appliqué will stick correctly. In this economy, many women are doing at home manicures because they simply cannot afford to go to the nail salon every other week. This means people want a variety of nail products from which to choose, and more importantly, they want products that are easy to use and yield professional-looking results. Where nail polish removeris concerned, people want a product that will remove old polish with ease, but also nourish nails.


Acetone (Photo credit: bre pettis)


In the past, nail polish remover was harsh and often made nails flaky and brittle. Most nail polish removers were composed of about sixty per cent acetone, a strong smelling liquid solvent capable of quickly dissolving nail polish. Pure acetone can be harsh on skin and nails, and can weaken nails. Today it is still the principal ingredient in most nail polish removers, but most formulas are now less harsh and are intended to nourish nails while removing nail polish. Experts recommend an acetone based remover for removing polish from natural nail.

As artificial nails became trendy, non-acetone nail polish removers were created. Non-acetone nail polish removers are best used on artificial nails because they will not weaken or damage the nail as acetone would. The main ingredient is ethyl acetate, a less aggressive solvent. Non-acetone removers can also be used on natural nails, and some people prefer the less intense scent of them. They can, however, take longer to dissolve polish.

Most recently, some companies have sought to create a safer acetone-free nail polish remover that uses an odourless chemical to remove polish and that nourishes nails with aloe or vitamin E. The chemical used in this type of nail polish remover is methanol, which can be toxic if inhaled, ingested or absorbed by the skin. It is recommended to be aware that “natural” products are not necessarily hazard free, and that it is important to check labels for products that are water-based and do not contain methanol when searching for non-acetone nail polish remover.

In addition to the differing main ingredients of nail polish remover, there is also a variety of formulas that can nourish nails. Some removers contain wheat protein or vitamin E to strengthen nails. Other formulas use gelatin to fortify weak nails, and the aloe and vitamin E combination is frequently used to condition and replace moisture in dry, brittle nails.


Once you have decided which formula is best for you, you will then have to decide how you would like to apply your nail polish remover. In the past, nail polish remover simply came in a jar or bottle, to be poured onto a cotton ball and wiped on nails until the nail vanish was removed. Today, nail polish remover is packaged in a variety of ways aimed at making the process of removing nail polish more efficient.

Some removers come in a “no spill pump” that claims to make removing nail polish an easier and faster process with less of an odour. You simply press a cotton ball on top of the pump to dispense just the right amount of nail polish remover. These dispensers eliminate the need to have an open bottle of remover that produces fumes and that could potentially spill everywhere (every at home manicurist has probably dealt with that annoyance).

Nail polish remover also comes in individually wrapped pre-soaked pads. These are usually bigger and thicker (often made of felt), making polish remover faster and more convenient. Polish remover pads are especially handy for travel – you do not have to worry about a bottle of nail polish remover leaking in their suitcases!

Polish remover also comes in a jar, eliminating the need for cotton balls. Inside the jar is a sponge that is saturated with nail polish remover. You simply soak your fingers in the sponge and rub away the nail polish. This is particularly advantageousness for those who like hard-to-remove glitter nail polish. Soaking your nails before rubbing away the polish makes removal much easier.

Of course the most trusted choice is the traditional liquid nail polish remover in a bottle. It comes in a variety of formulas and sizes, making it easier to find the right solution for each individual’s nails. It is also usually less expensive than specially packaged nail polish remover.


With the wide variety of nail polish available today – an infinite array of nail lacquer colours, appliqués, gel colour, “shatter” nail polish, “bedazzling,” and glittery, iridescent and metallic finishes – people need a nail polish remover that is versatile. They are also concerned with a multitude of remover concerns, including the main ingredient (acetone for natural nails, non-acetone for acrylic or artificial nails), the formula (strengthening, conditioning, or moisturising) and how it is dispensed (via bottle, pre-soaked pads or jar). Women expect nail polish remover to nourish their nails while also quickly and efficiently dissolving nail polish. With that in mind, the nail care industry is taking innovative approaches to researching and developing new products.

The bottom line is that most women do not have the money to frequently go to a nail salon, or the time to do prolonged manicures at home. We simply want healthy nails and beautiful manicures in a snap. With the many varieties of nail products and nail polish removers, this is possible. Women have long used their nails as a way of expressing themselves, and rocking a flashy manicure seems to be the trend right now. Just look at Katy Perry’s “disco ball” nails or Lady Gaga’s signature bedazzled manicures. Regardless of whether a woman wants an attention-grabbing manicure or a simple coat of nail lacquer for a chic, refined look, using a good nail polish remover is the first step.

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